Merry Christmas

We have had another blessed year, and as we come to the end of our Christmas Eve – we realize it even more.

We ate some great food, visited with friends, and opened many gifts. Kaden has been trying to make sure Ava understands all the in’s and out’s of Christmas.

They are all tucked in their beds, mom and I are awaiting the fat man’s job to be done. Then we are headed to ours.

photo 3Keagan got a bunch of clothes she wanted for Christmas Eve. She was pumped and had to try them all on to make sure we approved of the outfits for school and church. These “leggin'”  things are a little – revealing – sometimes.


Kaden said he has had the best Christmas ever so far. He got an Easy Bake Oven. I was a photo 5little worried about this, but it is black and the boys version. We have already made Chocolate chip cookies in it. He was asking about making jerky in it….maybe some time.


Ava Grace is just beside herself with all the action – and mess. She is enjoying her new photo 4playset thing. She has been singing songs with us and loves iPhones when they play youtube videos of Christmas songs.

photo 1


The wife got all she wanted in new Fiesta dishes, cast iron cookery, and Duck Dynasty stuff this year. Yeah, we are rednecks – and proud to be.

She will have to take a few back to exchange for different colors. I could not remember what we had and what we didn’t. She told me I did a good job. (LOL points….but still in the negative I am sure)

I got some new jeans and a new iPad Air (64GB with cellular). I also scored some new jeans and all. I needed the jeans. Somehow I rip holes in mine in places, well lets just say awkward places.

deerI did spend a very cold and icy weekend out deer hunting last weekend too. Season still going. We have had a late start as I mentioned last post. I busted a doe at about 330 yards. Which then had me and William dragging her back up and over 3 canyons. LOL Great shot, just not ideal on her final resting place.

Eric got a late start that day, but showed up as we were setting up camp. So he did not hunt that day.

That night we camped out in freezing rain. We used our country, poor boy thinking to quickly build a fire and a ‘tee-pee’ style cover out of old tin and some fence gates. Kept us dry, kept the fire going, and helped block some wind.

Once we had that up, we through some coffee on the fire – and a backstrap and loins. That made us fat and happy. We turned in photo 2shortly after that – to find nice, dry, warm sleeping bags.

Hope to get back out there for the last weekend and put a few more in the freezer. Also looking to buy a new tent for the camp. A MGPTS with a heater. That’s what we have decided on anyway. We will be much better off with one of those. These little tents we have now are made for camping in San Diego I think. Not West Texas weather.

Well this fat man is going to bed so he can wake and enjoy the other fat man that is scheduled to break in the house again tonight.

Merry Christmas. May you be blessed more than we are.

Hunting 2013

I have not been out hunting much this year. Work had other plans and the new baby kept me from using vacation for a week of hunting – though it is not over just yet. LOL Might still do some vacation hunting.

Did get a new place to hunt.  The new place is 1300 acres of God’s country. Can’t wait to really scout it all out for next season. I hunted it years ago, but now will really try to develop it a little better.

Keagan's first deer.
Keagan’s first deer.

I did take my oldest daughter out for her first hunt this year. The first time we had a couple out around 250 yards. I did not let her take the shot until I am more confident in her rifle abilities. However, a couple weekends ago we braved the snow storm and 100 miles of ice and snow for a couple days of hunting.

The first day out she bagged her first buck. A small 4 point, but I big impression on her, and a big memory for me.

The next day, we went out to the new place I mentioned above. We went out to the south end of the property on a high point over looking the canyons. I was watching several deer and just taking it all in. The deer kept looking off in one direction, so I started trying to find what they were looking at. Then I heard what they were looking at. Hogs.

I finally saw them about 800 – 1000 yards off. I watched them as they came down one canyon and up the other. At about 500 yards away, I relocated to show Keagan where they were. I told her to watch them with her binoculars.

I counted 41 hogs in the sounder (group of hogs). I decided I would have some fun with the .308 tactical I was carrying this time out.

I sit down, positioned the rifle on my shooting sticks, did my best to range them with my scope, decided I needed 2.1 mils up, dialed in the correction, aimed between the eyes of one heading down the canyon wall, bammmm!

photo 3Hog down. I hit a little high, due most likely to the difficulty in ranging the hogs.

Then we made the hike down and back up the other side to see how big he really was. I was impressed at his size though he was not near as big as the ones we killed last year, especially the one Eric got last year.

Looking forward to hunting some more before season is over, and then there is always net year. I hate the dreadful summer of waiting.

Other than that – we have the new house getting ready to be built, kids, wife, and I are all blessed.

Words, Music, Life, & Everything Else by James Clark