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  • Roosting

    Chickens have roosting down now.

    Kaden’s chickens have learned to go into their coop at night and how to roost. I no longer have to wrangle them into the coop, nor do I have to pick them up and put them on the roost. I only had to put them on the roost a couple times before they figured that […]

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  • The husbandry of Chickens

    Kaden building his case for a Rooster.

    Yeah, I know – the title is a little professional for this blog, but it is exactly what my son is learning to do. The decision to get chickens was conceived by him and has, so far, turned out to be one of the best things we could have done. With Kaden getting all involved […]

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  • Toe mate toe


    Why is it not spelled that way? I need to get my tomato plants this weekend. Had a little going on over the last few days – hopefully i can squeeze that into the schedule this weekend. Keagan’s 17th birthday will be this weekend. She already got her gift, but I guess formalities state we […]

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  • JD Sanders- Happy 90th


    Jace’s grandpa, JD Sander’s had his 90th birthday today. We made the trip to Andrews, TX to celebrate with family. I will post a slide show Jace built and had playing on the TV in the conference room while everyone was there. JD seemed to have a good time. He enjoyed the stories and the […]

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  • All by themselves!


    The wind is blowing pretty good this evening – at least by West Texas standards it is more than the norm. I decided I would go out a check on the chickens and garden. I first noticed that I did not see any chickens in the run. As I made my way to the coop, […]